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CRAFT SHOW: etiquette

This post might not be what you want to hear, but I need to get it off my chest. It's that time of the year when indie craft shows are in full swing and holiday shopping is creeping up, and there are some things that can make these shows a bit challenging...

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HOW TO: cleaning and storing your jewelry

So you’ve recently purchased an amazing piece of jewelry from f. is for frank, that’s awesome! We want to be sure that you’re able to enjoy your timeless piece for years and years to come, which is surprisingly easy to do. Here are some tips and...

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INSPIRATION: west texas wonders

I hit the road and headed west for a little RnR and perspective before our busy time of the year beings. It is so hard not to feel small, in a good way, when you look at the stars in the crystal clear sky or while gazing up...

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roxie’s unicorn story

ONCE UPON A TIME, long ago, there was a small part of the deep forest called Univille. All 237 unicorns lived there peacefully. They were very aware of the dropping number of people believing in unicorns. But they had no idea of the amount of adults and scientists who...

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ANALISE MINJAREZ: our right hand gal

Have you met Analise?   She is pretty RAD and way cooler than us! At f. is for frank Analise is our go to girl. She casts, polishes, stamps, packs, graphic designs and conquers pretty much everything else we ask of her.  We even make her model, but most importantly...

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EAT, PLAY, WEAR: casey style

To celebrate Mother's Day month Casey shares some of her favorite wears, places to go and sweet treats for her and the kids! f. is for frank: Dunn Necklace Free People: Washed Denim Overalls f. is for frank: Shovan Necklace Birkenstock: Arizona Platform Sweet Tees:...

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A road trip to Chicago, with a stop in St. Louis, was the inception of the Architectural Collection.  We were amazed by the beautiful craftsmanship and design of the Gateway Arch.  What you do not see from pictures are the welds that up close create a patchwork...

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You asked and we have answered... PRINTS OF LOVE KITS are here! Can't make it out to our Dallas Studio? You can now capture a fingerprint impression in clay at home and ship it back to us to cast into a pewter necklace, keychain or cufflinks. Our signature Prints of...

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GREAT GIFTS: make it personal

6 picks from our franklyPERSONAL line that are sure to melt hearts and bring a tear to the eye. 1. PRINTS OF LOVE A forever keepsake.  The delicate fingerprint of a new parents little one. Or all the kids before they head out on their own. Best Friends,   siblings,...

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