Frankly Speaking:

Imagination takes precedence over the expected.

Co-owners and designers Shoshannah Frank and Casey Melton present wearable art with their distinctive jewelry collection, f. is for frank. Drawing from multiple creative mediums, both women utilize their sculptural backgrounds as the base element in all their work. The search is never-ending for new textures to mold, new silhouettes to interpret, and found objects to manipulate. These inspirations converge to express a “story without words.”

The women came together after studying art during university in San Francisco and Georgia. Both had moved to Dallas when Casey answered an ad to assist Shoshannah at an architectural elements design company. In 2007, Shoshannah broke off to start her own endeavor where Casey joined her soon after. The women decided to partner and the company evolved into f. is for frank jewelry.

Shoshannah is the realist, a planner, and meticulous while Casey is an optimist, spontaneous, and thrives when things get a little messy. Their contrasting but complementary styles inform all aspects of the business and create a cohesive and well-rounded jewelry line. The two work in a true yin and yang format, literally finishing each other’s sentences. The refinement of their work comes from a controlled madness behind the scenes.

Keeping to the philosophy of the perfectly imperfect, every handmade creation is truly unique, offering a balance between art and function. Every f. is for frank piece is designed, cast and finished in-house at their Dallas studio. As artists, the pair’s main goal is to continuously experiment and evolve with each new line.

“It’s the ones that are a bitch to make, the labors of love, the ones that really push me to the limit…those are the pieces that really feed me.”Shoshannah


Clean Lines, Modern Statements
The Architectural line takes inspiration from defined angles, edges, and line formation. Drawing from design past and present, iconic and casual, embracing imperfections as significant detail. Simplicity.

Call Out Your Wild Soul
Hand-sculpted animal heads make up the Spirit Animals line and are easily identifiable as f. is for frank pieces. Real-life individuals inspire new characters to crash the scene every so often. This fall marks the debut of Monzo the elephant and Newlon the bear.

Your Inner Mystic
The Awakening line is a light & airy collection of natural materials, beads, and symbolic iconography. Stylish, personal talismans.

– HUNT –
Feed Your Animal Instinct
Prowl-wear for the city, the Hunt line harnesses energy from beasts of the wild. Mini-skulls and gathered animal bones are molded, cast and finished into pieces that honor and revitalize the spirit of what once was.

Bits of Nature Come to Life
The Gather line celebrates vibrant natural elements. Aloe and succulents are heavily featured in both simple castings and substantial statement wear. Nature’s own details are intricate and extraordinary.

Strong Femininity, Sophisticated Curves
Barbara Meet Henry is inspired by modern femininity. Strong but not hard, sophisticated curves – some defined, others not so straightforward, a few very complex. Pieces were influenced by long-time customers who have become friends, but each piece becomes a fresh, individual story for she or he who the jewelry adorns.

The One Horned Beast
Divine spirit, purity of heart, and untamable strength are universal themes that transcend cultures and history within the story of the unicorn. f is for frank’s newest line Folklore was born from the belief that we could transform an iconic symbol and write our own unique narrative through jewelry.