When Dylan and I decided to have a surprise wedding this past January he asked me to make him a bolo for the special day. I was excited to make him something special, but also paralyzed when it came to any ideas. After I decided that I was going to wear the evil eye necklace from EF Collection I decided to run with the theme. The belt buckle was a bonus gift. The symbol on the buckle, )v(, is something that we have used to sign love notes since the beginning of our relationship. Don’t ask, it’s a secret!

<<< Fabricating brass belt buckle. Starting with a sheet of brass, cut out the symbol, and soldered it on to another sheet of brass so the buckle had depth.

finished bolo with dark blue cold enamel and brown leather >>>

Because we decided to do the wedding just after f. is for frank’s busiest time of the year I knew making a ring was going to happen so I decided to wear my grandmothers band that she wore for 60+ years. To be honest I do not wear much jewelry so I wanted to play it cool. In addition to my evil eye necklace I wore my favorite hoop earrings from Dallas’ Three Bishops and the Laradorite and Gold Mallon necklace, wrapped as a bracelet, from f. is for frank.

f. is for frank’s Mallon Necklace>>>

<<< EF COLLECTION Evil Eye necklace, Three Bishops gold hoops, Gran-E’s letter to Gran-J on their 35th anniversary

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