HOW TO: cleaning and storing your jewelry

So you’ve recently purchased an amazing piece of jewelry from f. is for frank, that’s awesome! We want to be sure that you’re able to enjoy your timeless piece for years and years to come, which is surprisingly easy to do. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your f. is for frank jewelry looking bright and new.

what is pewter, exactly?
Our pieces are primarily pewter with some gold plating and sterling silver elements. What is pewter exactly? It’s an alloy, meaning a mix of two or more metals, and made by combining tin with a small amount of copper. This creates a soft, yet durable metal that has a low melting point; perfect for creating fine detail.

pewter care
Pewter is pretty low maintenance. All you need to clean it is warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Rub gently with a soft sponge, being sure to rinse your piece thoroughly with warm water and dry it completely with a soft cloth. To shine your piece, take some 0000 (that’s four 0’s) steel wool found at your local hardware store, and buff the surface VERY lightly WITH the grain. It doesn’t take a whole lot of pressure to bring out the pewter’s luster. You really only want to buff your pewter pieces like this every few years, any more often than that and you run the risk of damaging the finish.

sterling silver care
The sterling silver used in our chains and ear wires can be cleaned with a soft silver polishing cloth or a liquid tarnish remover. Just like with the pewter, be sure to be gentle when rubbing with a cloth. If you opt to use the liquid tarnish remover, follow all the directions and avoid getting it on any pewter or gold plated pieces.

gold plate care
All of the gold on our pieces is 24 karat gold plating. We use a heavy plate, but it’s still important to treat it with the care and gentleness that you would any precious metal. It can also be cleaned with warm water and a mild dish soap, ensuring that you rinse the suds and dry it off immediately.

jewelry storage
After cleaning your jewelry, it’s important to treat it nicely and store it properly. The gold plating is pretty durable, but can wear off if handled too roughly. To avoid this, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Avoid extreme temperature changes, like washing your hands with hot water
  • Try not to drop your pieces on hard surfaces
  • Don’t use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners
  • Avoid storing your pieces haphazardly, this can cause scratches

The easiest way to store your f. is for frank jewelry to keep it looking f.’in good is to hold on to the packaging it came in. The white paper your piece is wrapped in is a special paper that keeps it from tarnishing; so don’t throw it away! Just wrap your piece up and pop it back in its cute little cotton bag.

If you want a more personalized option for storage, check out places like Etsy and The Container Store. The most important thing is that you keep your jewelry from touching, no socializing!

This geometric jewelry shelf from Etsy shop Urban Alloy combines minimalist style with rustic textures.

The Container Store has an endless number of storage and display options for your jewelry, like the Terrace Jewelry Organizer by Umbra.

Are you a DIY genius? Search Pinterest for project ideas to make jewelry storage that is perfectly you. We love this hanging jewelry organizer blogger Melissa Kaiserman made from old wooden trays!

Check out her tutorial on her blog A Time for Everything and make one for yourself.

If you take the time to properly care for your special pieces, they will repay you by lasting for years to come.


image credits: Urban Alloy, The Container Store, and Melissa Kaiserman

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