LIFE OUTSIDE THE STUDIO: state fair of texas

My first job out of college was with jewelry designer Matthew Trent. Every year on the first day of the State Fair of Texas we would close the store, grab our families and head to the happiest place in Texas. When I started my own business I wanted to keep with that tradition. So for the last 10+ years we have tried to make it happen. This year we shared opening day with our studio mates, Pulp Design Studios, and it was the best year yet!  It was even raining and that did not hold us down. When looking through the pictures Casey pointed out her favorite, “Everyone just looks so happy” and it is true you can not help but be happy there, unless you have eaten too much which is certainly possible.  Full of color, animals, traditions, food, rides and characters.  It’s important to get out of the everyday work environment, have some fun with your work friends so inspirations will begin to to flow again.

EAT: fletcher’s original state fair corny dogs 
don’t be a fool mustard only!



RIDE: crazy mouse
be prepared for your picture to be taken on the first drop!

SEE: pig races
happens every hour, totally worth it!

DO: shot with big text
no trip to the fair is complete without a picture with BIG TEX.

PRO TIP: go the first day, grease is fresh and the bathrooms are clean.


Shoshannah Frank   metals maven | owner | ninja