roxie’s unicorn story

ONCE UPON A TIME, long ago, there was a small part of the deep forest called Univille. All 237 unicorns lived there peacefully. They were very aware of the dropping number of people believing in unicorns. But they had no idea of the amount of adults and scientists who were starting to not believe in unicorns. They know and no one else does, that the making of this here universe was by the unicorns. Thats right! They also made humans! Most of the universe that they made, they have not seen and never will because it’s so incredibly gigantic. The unicorns were not born here and neither were you. You see, the older unicorns which have passed away, were all the same. They looked the same, they talked the same, they did everything the same. After a long time they got bored with each other. The queen somehow convinced the king (who was very stubborn) to order them to do different things. He did not refuse if it would make his unicorns happy. So the queen set to work giving them non-matching colored horns and giving them different names. After a while they all started to feel happy and unique. Even though they argued some, they were joyful because they were their own selves, instead of a lot of one unicorn. When they created humans they did the same thing with the humans that they had done to make happiness for themselves. Then they took all of the humans to a random livable planet that they found in a far away galaxy. When they saw the planet’s natural beauty they decided to live there. They named their planet Earth and the galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy.

You are probably wondering how the humans knew the name of the planet and galaxy without the unicorns telling them. Well, when the unicorns made the humans they implanted a small speck of knowledge that would form into a brain after a while. They could put whatever knowledge they wanted in the speck. The knowledge would take about 346 years to form. They put different types of knowledge in the speck, from space to sea to caring and love. Right now more of the knowledge is being formed, mostly into wise brains. This has been happening for thousands of years, and more to come. There is one very important thing that they forgot to put in the speck, the existence of unicorns! Though some of the unicorns did remember to put it in, there was not enough. Soon all the humans did not believe in unicorns. So the unicorns had to show the humans that they were real. With the evidence the unicorns gave, the humans still did not believe. They thought that it was a joke with costumes or holographic tricks.

Soon after that, the unicorns had to decide something. Were they going to implant the belief in unicorns in the brain and wait for it to form into knowledge hundreds of years later, or convince the humans that they were real by showing them their powers and telling them their stories and give away the secrets that they only knew. Of course, they could not give away their secret stories, so they implanted the belief in the brain and disappeared into the deep forest again. They are still out there somewhere!

You might be wondering how I know all of this, and that is a very good question, that is because…. I AM A UNICORN!


Roxanna “Roxie” Lea Plavidal